Todd Mires is an American abstract painter living in Eastern Washington. Originally trained in fashion design, he branched out to painting while attending school. Todd utilizes various layering techniques of bold and contrasting colors to create atmospheric and otherworldly pieces. His paintings can be seen in galleries in the region and private collections across the country. His work has also been featured in various magazines and used as album artwork. 

Artist Statement

Painting abstract art is my addiction and meditation. I’m addicted to the smell of blank canvas, to the infinite possibilities within it. When I paint there is the feeling like I’m desperately searching for something. I don’t necessarily know what I’m looking for but it’s the search that keeps me coming back. It is a mystery I may never solve, but this addiction tempts me to compulsively continue my search.


In my meditation I try to balance spontaneity and restraint—let things flow and evolve, while simultaneously trusting my judgement to know when to stop. My process follows this practice. I paint organically, non-linear and devoid of a plan for the outcome. While painting there’s a feeling of digging and searching for significance to reveal itself. My job is to then capture it, but using restraint and self-control to stop in the right moment is the most difficult part of the process.


Some of my paintings resemble nature, space or organic material, but I always approach a piece from a non-representational standpoint. Texture and its relationship with light fascinates me and there is an elusive, mysterious quality to the depth and contrast that texture creates. My aim as a painter is to structure the colors,shapes, texture and light in a compositionally significant manner to highlight this mystery through ethereal and mystical imagery